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World Record Attempt with a difference at the JCP Swansea Half Marathon

A team of runners will be making an attempt to break the Guinness World Record at this year’s JCP Swansea Half Marathon.  But it’s not to achieve the fastest record dressed as a fruit as previously attempted in 2015 by Gareth Jones.  This year, the attempt is led by Essex-born Paul Coker, a type 1 diabetic who will be attempting to break the World record for the greatest number diabetics to run a half marathon.

Paul discovered running in 2013 as he trained for a record breaking summit of Kilimanjaro and has since been on a mission.  Paul will be celebrating living with his condition for 40 years this year and is spearheading the campaign to run 40 half marathons in 15 months.  His challenge is in memory of Peter Baldwin, a 13-year old boy from Cardiff, Wales who died from undiagnosed type 1 diabetes after being misdiagnosed with a chest infection.

Paul said:paulcoker2 (1)

“I believe that having a positive attitude toward diabetes combined with the right nutrition and regular exercise have helped me manage my condition.  The story of Peter deeply saddens me and my heart goes out to his family who will miss their son everyday.  There are people who are living with diabetes without even realising it but knowing the signs are very important.  I think that if this campaign can save just one life, my efforts at running 40 half marathons will be worthwhile.” 

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease, which targets and destroys insulin producing cells in the pancreas.  Insulin is a hormone, which allows glucose from the blood to enter tissues. When tissues absorb glucose with the help of insulin, they are able to use that glucose to produce energy.

People that live with type 1 diabetes must inject insulin multiple times per day in order to keep blood glucose in the normal range.  There are a number of signs for diagnosing diabetes, which are key to a quick response before complications begin.  These are essential, (and may not all be present to be diagnosed) especially if you had a young child or baby, as diabetes can affect all ages:

  1. Excessive or extreme thirst
  2. Frequent need to use the toilet
  3. Low energy – feeling withdrawn
  4. Weight loss

David Martin-Jewell, director of Front Runner Events said:

“My wife and I have a son who is type 1 diabetic and know the challenges he faces on daily basis.  What Paul is doing is inspiring to others particularly to those who suffer with this condition.  He is demonstrating with his will and determination that anything is possible and that diabetes shouldn’t be barrier to living an active healthy life.

We really hope that Paul achieves this World record attempt, being the first of this kind to have ever happened it will a fantastic outcome and testament to the memory of Peter.”

The JCP Swansea Half Marathon is a road race that is flat, fast on a course that is perfect for beginners, and first time half marathon runners.  Race entry has now closed, however any T1 entrants who have already registered can join Paul in his attempt by being part of the team, just contact him by email [email protected] and you too can be part of this World Record breaking attempt.

Go to for further race details and to sign up, like the Facebook page and follow @Swansea_HM #RunSwansea #FromTheCityToTheSea on Twitter and @swanseahalfmarathon on Instagram to keep up to date with all the latest news about the JCP Swansea Half Marathon.

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