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All the fun, all the glory, on a shorter route of this big city race!

The Front Runner City 5 Miler + will take place on the same day as the Swansea University Swansea Half Marathon. The race is just a tad over 5 miles and will take place shortly after the half-marathoners take off, following the first 4 miles of the official route.

An ideal event for those who prefer shorter distances!

Starting at the gateway to the city underneath the iconic Copr Bay Bridge, runners will head out to loop around Swansea University‚Äôs singleton campus, then turn to make their way to the famous Brangwyn Hall. They will then head through the city and pass the ruins of Swansea Castle, near Castle Square. The 5 milers will turn to head back towards Swansea Arena where they cross over the Copr Bay Bridge and back to the big finish!

Swansea Skyline