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Jo’s Story – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Every October, people come together around the world to show their support for those affected by breast cancer. This year, we wanted to share Jo’s story about her journey with breast cancer and how the team at Maggie’s have supported Jo and her family through this.

“The hardest part of being diagnosed is that you no longer live the life you have been living. You are all of a sudden not in the routine you had been.”

Jo’s son was 5 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The team at Maggie’s supported her by talking to her son about her diagnosis. She was also supported by the psychologist and took part in Look Good Feel Better and Talking Heads, which she says, helped her regain her identity.

“Knowing how to talk to my child about what we were going through and to understand that I can have an honest conversation was key in my journey.”

Jo was hospitalized over Christmas but was allowed out on Christmas Eve so that she could wake up William on Christmas Day. After they’d opened their presents, she had to go back in.

Jo credits Maggie’s with getting her through her diagnosis. And because of this, her family have held multiple Kitchen Table Days, raising over £13,000.

“Whilst I was out of my normal routine, Maggie’s became my new normal routine and became my safe place.”

If you need support for yourself or your family, please contact the team at Maggie’s and visit the Maggie’s website for more information.

It’s important to touch, look and check (head here for further information) and you can learn more about secondary breast cancer here.

Maggie’s Swansea is based in the grounds of Singleton Hospital, and relies on fundraising and donations to keep their doors open for those who need help and support. If you want to fundraise for Maggie’s Swansea in 2024, then why not sign up and #RunSwansea on 9th June – head here to find out how you can help Maggie’s Swansea.

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