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EasyFundraising – Free cashback for your chosen charity?

Great news – we’ve found a free and easy way for you to raise funds for your charity! Our exciting new partnership with easyfundraising will get you well on the way to reaching your challenge target. 

easyfundraising in a nutshell

easyfundraising is an online fundraising platform that lets you raise money for your charity through online shopping for free. They work with over 8,000 retailers, so anyone can earn cashback on anything they buy online – weekly food shops, renewing insurance, booking travel, and general online shopping all count. 

How easyfundraising works

It’s Friday night, and you fancy a treat. Instead of visiting Domino’s website, if you went to the easyfundraising website or app first and went to Domino’s website from there, you would receive cashback. Because Domino’s knows you’ve visited their site through easyfundraising, your treat will still be the same price, but Domino’s will give you up to 2.5% of your total bill back!

How is it free?

Retailers want to be part of something meaningful by contributing to communities and people like you who are committed to raising for a charity or a good cause. That’s why they offer either a set monetary amount or a percentage donation on every online shop.  

How do I get started?

Sign up to easyfundraising, share your ‘Refer a Friend’ link with friends and family, and watch as everyone’s online shopping turns into cashback for your charity! Sign up now:

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