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Meet Our Race Ambassadors

Meet our race ambassadors…Our Ambassador Team is made up of local runners and those who match our 5 basic principles which we believe demonstrates the correct approach to running and general fitness

10th Anniversary Medal Revealed!

We are excited to reveal our 2024 medal for the upcoming Swansea University Swansea Half Marathon, which takes place on Sunday 9th June.

Only 100 Days until Wales celebrates its biggest Summer Running Festival!

There are just 100 days to go until the return of Wales’ Biggest Summer Half Marathon event, which promises to be the best yet! The Swansea University Swansea Half Marathon will take place on Sunday 9th June 2024 and this year will be the 10th anniversary of the inaugural event. David Martin-Jewell founder and managing director of

Supporting Runners Since The Start!

It takes a special type of person to put other runners before your own running ambitions and that is just what our racemakers do every year! They go above and beyond to ensure our runners’ safety and race day experience is the best it can be. They give countless hours of their time from attending

A track record to be proud of!

Steve Conlan has a track record to be proud of as he joins the team of #EverPresent runners who make up the originals who lined the start line at the inaugural Swansea Half Marathon in 2014 and every year since! Originally from the North of England, Steve grew up in the Pennines, but has been

Eagerly returning to #RunSwansea year after year

Local runner and running veteran, Dean Hughes is one of the #EverPresents to have participated in every Swansea Half Marathon since its inception in 2014. The 52-year-old runner has pledged to continue running it for as long as he can, to keep supporting his local race. Having finished playing rugby in 2010, Dean was looking

Charity Partnership Continues With Crisis Wales

The charity committed to ending homelessness in Wales will continue its partnership with the Swansea Half Marathon for 2024. The race which is renowned for being Wales’ biggest summer half marathon will be held on Sunday 9th June for its 10th anniversary event and will be providing dedicated places for those who wish to run

#RunSwansea from the start!

This year we’re sharing inspiring stories of runners who have been part of our #RunSwansea journey since the start. Being the few who have been #EverPresent at the Swansea Half Marathon takes some doing, so if you’re one of them – let us know! This month we catch up with Craig Jones an avid runner

Ever Present Runners

This week we catch up with Abi Morgan another one of our #EverPresent tribe who has participated in EVERY Swansea Half Marathon since we began! What spurred you on to start running? I was never any good at sports at school, and always got picked last by the team captains in games lessons. If it

Runners Can Regenerate Nature One Step At A Time

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with Swansea University to help their teams regenerate nature through the UK’s largest seagrass project. Scientists at Swansea University have set up the independent charity Project Seagrass in order to turn seagrass conservation research into action. This is a major international success story for Swansea University and we

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