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A track record to be proud of!

Steve Conlan has a track record to be proud of as he joins the team of #EverPresent runners who make up the originals who lined the start line at the inaugural Swansea Half Marathon in 2014 and every year since!

Originally from the North of England, Steve grew up in the Pennines, but has been living in Swansea since the eve of the Millennium and has been running for the last 12 years. Steve was spurred on to take up running due to having an unhealthy condition and wanted to do something about it, shortly after, the running bug took hold and he’s never looked back since!


Every year Steve runs for Maggies Swansea to help raise funds and keep his motivations running high to complete the half marathon. I know the Maggies team quite well, and whilst my research group at Swansea University Medical School work to develop new tests and medicines for cancer patients, the work of Maggies is even more important.


Q: What is it you love about Swansea Half Marathon?

A: I only run one event and this is it. I plan to run every year until I can’t 

Q: How has the event encouraged you?

A: It’s a fun community event and fundraising for charity has kept me motivated!

Q: Have you achieved a PB at Swansea Half over the years?

A: Yes and then fluctuate around it. Who knew a sub 120 and sub 110 were humanly possible!

Q: Is there a stand-out moment or funny story you have about Swansea half?

A: Definitely! With the finish line in sight, there was no way that bee ahead of me was finishing before me! And it didn’t😀

Q: What’s your favourite part of the event?

A: There are two. The friendliness on the start line and the camaraderie in the ‘park’ at the end. It’s a hugely enjoyable and friendly event.

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