At Swansea Half Marathon Limited we want to do more than run, we want to leave a legacy for the City that will help the next generation of runners/athletes achieve their goals. Leave More Than A Footprint is our way of helping those who are unable to follow their dreams and continue in sport.
Swansea suffers from a high level of deprivation and most of the affected areas neighbor parts of the half marathon route. Therefore, we want to create a fund that will assist in helping small groups or individuals remain and continue in sport.
What does this mean?
Following the 2017 edition of the race, we will launch the application process for individuals and small/voluntary groups to apply to the fund for assistance. We are currently reviewing the full range of activities that will be covered and will outline how to apply for assistance over the coming months.
We are asking all runners and entrants to make a voluntary donation at point of entry and to Leave More Than A Footprint so that they help the people of Swansea through their running. Don’t just pick up a medal and tee shirt when you run our race, lets work together and create a legacy to Leave More Than A Footprint.