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Nutrition Tips To Help You Over The Festive Period

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We all over-indulge at Christmas and why not?! We all train hard enough, so we deserve a little break once a year. So, whether you are continuing your training or planning to start in the New Year, we have come up with a few simple Healthy Eating Tips to help you during the festive period.

5 Healthy Eating Tips

  1. Fruit and Vegetables

    Make sure you’re getting the right nutrients and vitamins by eating plenty of fruit and veg.

  2. Protein

    Food such as eggs are a really good source of protein and will help your muscles to recover after your training.

  3. Carbohydrates

    Eating pasta is a good low-fat, slow-release energy option to help fuel your runs. It’s also important to eat some carbs within half an hour of your training to help replenish your glycogen stores.

  4. Cereal Bars

    These can be a good, quick snack option – just make sure they’re not filled full of sugar.

  5. Hydrate

    Don’t forget to hydrate!! Before, during and after your run you should ensure you are taking on-board enough water to keep yourself hydrated. Even though it feels cold outside, you will still sweat and lose water during your training so make sure you drink plenty of water.

Remember everything in moderation, that goes for training too. So don’t just eat well, give your body the chance to relax and recover, you will feel better for it, when the training ramps up next year.

Most importantly, remember to enjoy the festive period – Eat, Run and be Merry!!

The JCP Swansea Half Marathon is a 13.1 mile race on fully closed roads that starts in Swansea city centre and takes in six miles of stunning coastline, idyllic marina, and iconic buildings on its course.  Suitable to first timers, fun runners, elites and your everyday hero, this simply is a MUST do race for anyone thinking about running a half marathon.  The JCP Swansea Half Marathon race takes place on 24th June 2018.  To sign up to take part or keep up with the latest news go to:  www.swanseahalfmarathon.co.uk

Like the Facebook page www.facebook.com/SwanseaHalf and follow @Swansea_HM #RunSwansea #FromTheCityToTheSea on Twitter.

Winter Training Tips

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With Winter just around the corner, organisers of Wales’ multi-award winning half marathon are ready to help runners get smart and fit for the colder months ahead.

David Martin-Jewell, Race Director of the JCP Swansea Half Marathon says:

“Winter training is an important part of being a runner and keeping up the required levels of fitness to continue taking part in races throughout the year.  There are lots of runners who dread the colder temperatures and shorter hours of daylight but getting out in the fresh air during autumn and winter is good for the mind, body and spirit.  There are lots of ways to combat the winter fatigue and hopefully these tips will encourage everyone to keep up the training or even take up running if you haven’t run before…”

What to wear

It’s cold, wet and dark, what do you wear to run comfortably in these conditions?

Cold – Layer up with a few light layers, if you get too warm you can take them off and tie them around your waist and put accessories such as gloves/hats into your pockets.

Base layers, long sleeve tops & full-length tights are a must when it’s cold. Important accessories are gloves, head buffs, beanie hat and thicker socks. If you’re not running from home take jogging bottoms and a hoody to leave in the car, something warm to put on while you stretch off.

Wet – A waterproof running jacket will help to keep you dry and in turn will keep you comfortable and warm whilst you get your miles in.

A running cap/visor will be useful to keep rain out of your eyes and a wrist buff or sweatbands are always handy to wipe your eyes. If you aren’t running from home then always have a towel and dry clothes in the car for afterwards. There’s nothing worse than driving home wet and you will get cold quickly.

Dark – If you’re running early in the morning or late in the evening, then a high visibility jacket, vest or similar clothing is essential to make sure you’re seen.

A headtorch is also useful during the darker hours, whilst there may be routes without sufficient street lighting, you may need more than hi-viz clothing to stay safe! Head torches help you see where you’re going but more importantly – they help other road users and vehicles see you. Running in the evening? Even if it’s light when you start, chances are it will get dark during your run – always take high viz & head torch with you.


It may be cold and wet outside but hydration is still key before, during and after your training runs.

Even when it is cold and wet you will still sweat, and you will still need to take on plenty of fluid to replace the water your body loses through perspiration. Take a small water bottle with you if it’s a long run, if the run is shorter you can either take a bottle with you or have one ready for immediately after you finish.

Buddy up

During the winter months, not only is it colder but it is darker, try not to run on your own, safety in numbers!

Buddying up is recommended no matter what time of year it is, however, winter conditions can make it more dangerous to be out running alone. Running with a friend will also make for a more enjoyable and productive run as you can encourage and push each other when you get tired.

If you must run on your own – take a phone, let someone know your route & how long you expect to be out for.

If you don’t have anyone to run with, why not join a local running club? There are plenty of local clubs that cater for all abilities. Join in on a session and see how it goes, you will improve your running, training will become easier and you will make new friends all at the same time.

Plan your week

There are many things that can come between you and your run – work and family are the main struggles but sometimes it can be as simple as looking outside and thinking “not today, I’ll run tomorrow instead”. A training plan should be a guide that you use and follow as best you can, but if you can’t do the scheduled Tuesday run because you have other commitments, swap it with a rest day so you still get the planned miles in.

Plan your week, this could be done using a training app on your phone, a calendar you regularly use (hard copy or digital) or you can even print and use one of our training plans – spend some time each Sunday evening to plan all your runs around your commitments for that week. Once the plan is there, print it out and put it up somewhere you will see it each day to remind you of what you need to do.

Try and mix up your runs each week, adding a hill or a few sprints into your run will keep the mind active.

The JCP Swansea Half Marathon is a 13.1 mile race on fully closed roads that starts in Swansea city centre and takes in six miles of stunning coastline, idyllic marina, and iconic buildings on its course.  Suitable to first timers, fun runners, elites and your everyday hero, this simply is a MUST do race for anyone thinking about running a half marathon.  The JCP Swansea Half Marathon race takes place in just 7 months, on 24th June 2018.  To sign up to take part or keep up with the latest news go to:  www.swanseahalfmarathon.co.uk

Like the Facebook page www.facebook.com/SwanseaHalf and follow @Swansea_HM #RunSwansea #FromTheCityToTheSea on Twitter.

Headline Charities announced for 2018 JCP Swansea Half Marathon

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The organisers of the award-winning JCP Swansea Half Marathon, Front Runner Events, have announced the Official Headline Charities for the event which takes place on Sunday 24th June 2018.

The joint Headline Charities for 2018 will be Alzheimer’s Society, Cancer Research UK and Maggie’s Cancer Centre in Swansea. The JCP Swansea Half Marathon has always been a fantastic platform for charity fundraising and it is hoped that many runners signing up to fifth anniversary event next summer will help to raise money for these extremely worthwhile causes.

The JCP Swansea Half Marathon was voted the UK’s Best Half Marathon (≥ 5,000 participants) at The 2017 Running Awards, having become a firm favourite among the running community for its scenic route, superb atmosphere and flat and fast course.

The event attracts runners from all the world to #Run5wansea and enjoy the closed-road route that passes Swansea Castle and includes a magnificent six-mile stretch of Swansea Bay. The course takes runners as far as the picture-perfect coastal town of Mumbles, with its iconic pier and lighthouse, before turning back and enjoying yet more sweeping views out to sea.

From elite runners looking for a PB to those taking on their first half marathon and charity runners looking for a memorable event, the JCP Swansea Half Marathon is a superb race boasting some of Wales’ most spectacular coastal scenery.AS

Alzheimer’s Society returns as Headline Charity for the JCP Swansea Half Marathon and promises to be a popular and worthy cause. This is the only UK charity investing in research into dementia care, cause, cure and prevention, whilst working to meet the needs of people affected by dementia and inspiring change. All fundraising efforts from the JCP Swansea Half Marathon will help Alzheimer’s Society to make greater progress towards its vision of a world without dementia.

Cancer_Research_colThe announcement of Cancer Research UK as joint Headline Charity, again for another year, is expected to be warmly received by runners preparing to run Wales’ second largest half marathon next June. Cancer Research UK is entirely funded by the public and is the world’s leading charity dedicated to beating cancer through research. It works tirelessly to support those affected by cancer and all money raised will help the charity in its effort to beat cancer sooner.

Finally, joining #TeamMaggies offers an opportunity to support local people affected with cancer and is expected to be a popular choice for runners from the Swansea area. Maggie’s Centres provide free practical, emotional and social support to people with cancer and their family and friends. Built in the grounds of NHS cancer hospitals, Maggie’s Centres are places with professional staff on hand to offer the support people need; Maggie’s in Swansea is located at Singleton Hospital.

Race Director David Martin-Jewell commented:We are delighted to announce our joint Headline Charities for the 2018 JCP Swansea Half Marathon. It is a great pleasure to support such worthy and much-loved causes as Alzheimer’s Society, Cancer Research UK and Maggie’s Centre in Swansea. We are confident that these charities will be well supported by the many runners who see the JCP Swansea Half Marathon as the opportunity for a great run whilst raising money and making a difference to others. The spectacular scenery, outstanding crowd support and promise of a good time are an added bonus. Charity entry is now open and we are very much looking forward to welcoming runners of all abilities to Swansea next summer.”

Register to run the JCP Swansea Half Marathon for Alzheimer’s Society at https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/homepage/61/jcp_swansea_half_marathon. The registration fee is £10 and the minimum fundraising target is £300.

Register to run the JCP Swansea Half Marathon for Cancer Research UK at http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/support-us/find-an-event/jcp-swansea-half-marathon-2018. The minimum fundraising target is £300.

Register to run the JCP Swansea Half Marathon for Maggie’s at https://www.maggiescentres.org/how-you-can-help/take-part/all-events/swansea-half-marathon/. The minimum fundraising target is £250.

JCP Solicitors is the title sponsor for the Swansea Half Marathon. Cancer Research UK, Alzheimer’s Society and Maggie’s Centre in Swansea are the joint Headline Charities for 2018.

General entries for the 2018 JCP Swansea Half Marathon are open. Entry costs £33 (affiliated) or £35 (non-affiliated). Entry includes a fully closed-road event, technical t-shirt, bespoke medal, water stops every 3 miles, energy gels at miles 6 and 9, Xempo pacers, live bands along the route and more.

Go to www.swanseahalfmarathon.co.uk for further details, like the Facebook page www.facebook.com/SwanseaHalf and follow @Swansea_HM #Run5wansea on Twitter.

Front Runner Events appoint Breathe Unity PR

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Front Runner Events has appointed Sports PR company Breathe Unity to manage the PR and media for its Wales-based events.

The three-year contract will see Breathe Unity focus on raising further awareness of Front Runner Events and its impressive portfolio of events, which currently includes the JCP Swansea Half Marathon, the Llanelli Half Marathon and the Great Welsh Marathon incorporating the Great Welsh Half Marathon.

Front Runner Events has been set up by experienced race organiser and runner David Martin-Jewell, who has successfully managed the award-winning JCP Swansea Half Marathon for the last five years. Voted the UK’s best half marathon at The Running Awards 2017, the JCP Swansea Half Marathon has become one of the UK’s fastest-growing and must-do half marathons, and the 2018 event on 24th June promises to be the biggest and best yet.

The Llanelli Half Marathon will be returning for its second year under the management of Front Runner Events on 18th February 2018. This spectacular half marathon takes runners along the Millennium Coastal Path in West Wales and offers a real opportunity to run a PB thanks to its flat and fast course.

The Great Welsh Marathon incorporating the Great Welsh Half Marathon provides another opportunity on 15th April 2018 for runners to enjoy the magnificent coastal scenery of West Wales, starting and finishing at Festival Fields in Llanelli. Places for Wales’ longest running marathon are limited to 500 places.

Each of these races holds huge appeal for runners of all abilities and there will further developments with Front Runner Events beyond these initial three events. It is the ideal partnership for Manchester-based Breathe Unity, who have over 25 years’ experience in the sports industry and are one of the leaders in sports PR and race representation. Additionally, Breathe Unity has ample experience in Wales, having previously worked with the JCP Swansea Half Marathon before agreeing this new contract with Front Runner Events.

David Martin-Jewell, Director of Front Runners Events, commented: “We are delighted to have appointed Breathe Unity, who have unparalleled knowledge of the sports industry and specifically race representation. We are very much looking forward to working with the team to take Front Runner Events forwards and firmly establish ourselves as one of the leading sports events organisers in South Wales and beyond. Breathe Unity already have excellent awareness of the events we manage and there is plenty of scope for future growth which is very exciting.”

Rebecca Richardson, MD of Breathe Unity, added: “We are thrilled to have been chosen to manage the PR and media for Front Runner Events. They have a fantastic offering of events in stunning locations throughout the year and we are delighted to help promote these to the running community. We will be working on increasing the pace of sell-out and helping to make these events the very best they can be, whilst looking at the potential for future development over the next few years.”

Go to www.swanseahalfmarathon.co.uk for further details of the JCP Swansea Half Marathon, www.llanellihalf.co.uk for further details of the Llanelli Half Marathon and www.greatwelshmarathon.co.uk for further details of the Great Welsh Marathon incorporating the Great Welsh Half Marathon.

You can also follow Front Runner Events on Twitter @frontrunevents and each race individually on social media, the links for which are available on each of the race websites.

Event Review: It’s a hat trick for the Welsh Favourite Dewi Griffiths to win the JCP Swansea Half Marathon 2017

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The city of Swansea was booming with thousands of runners and spectators today (Sunday 25th June) as they celebrated the fourth edition of the multi-award winning JCP Swansea Half Marathon.

The flat, fast and scenic 13.1-mile course continues to attract runners of all levels including first-timers, charity runners, club runners and elite athletes from all over the globe.  This year saw a record of forty-three nationalities represented at the race that is officially the UK’s Best Half Marathon, and Wales’ second largest race of its kind.  It was an historic day for the race with the men’s course record beaten, by third time winner; Dewi Griffiths in a time of 64:48.

The men’s field was dominated once again by the Swansea Harriers, but the team had stiff competition from our Irish counterparts, when Michael Closhisey finished only 44 seconds behind the winner in a time of 65:33. Followed closely by Sean Hehir who took third place, in a time of 66:36.

The women’s field were equally as strong, with all three finalists finishing within minutes of each other.  The winning lady was Claire Gibbons-McCarthy, also from Ireland, who completed the race in an impressive 74:34. Runner up Rachel Felton of Run-Fast took second place, in a time of 76:35, with Welsh athlete Caryl Jones winning third in 77:52.

Runners were happy to be joined by the widely publicised London Marathon hero Matt Rees (of Swansea Harriers) and the athlete he helped cross that finish line; David Wyeth (of Chorlton Runners).  The pair were reunited at the race along with 25 other elites athletes who made up the field.  It was an emotional finish for English wheelchair athlete Eddie Clampin, who took first place in a time of 2:23:58, followed by Stephanie Benac and Richard Batchelor.  JCP Solicitors were announced as the 2017 corporate champions, winning with the fastest combined time of their best 5 team runners.

dewiRecord numbers of PBs have been well documented on social media with thousands beating their previous times on a day that boasted near perfect running conditions with thanks to the team of race pacers provided by Xempo Race Pacing.  The race set off from Oxford Street in Swansea city centre and was started by Hayley Davies from JCP Solicitors. Welsh singing star Ros Evans sent the runners on their way by singing with the all-female Mum’s the Word adult choir at the start of the race, whilst bands played along the route and at Castle Square.

The race proceeded on fully closed roads past Swansea Castle and along the magnificent six-mile stretch of Swansea Bay towards Mumbles, with views of the iconic pier and lighthouse.  Runners were cheered on by charity fundraisers and spectators along the route, and were helped across the finish line on Oxford Street by a lively and supportive crowd.  City spectators were also entertained by acts on stage at Castle Square organised by Swansea BID, contributing to the all-round fantastic atmosphere of the event.

It was a day of records and achievements alongside some substantial charity fundraising, with more charities wanting to be part of the race than ever before.  The headline charities included Alzheimer’s Society and Cancer Research UK.  Other charities affiliated with the race included: ABF Soldiers Charity, Mind, Swans Community Trust, Wales Air Ambulance, Action for Children, Maggies, and Barnardos Cymru.  It’s expected the 2017 race will have raised more funds for charity than it has, since its inception.

In addition to the main event was the Family Fun Dash, introduced last year it once again proved to be a popular part of the day, allowing over 100 young runners and families to experience the thrilling atmosphere of a big sporting event in the city.  Dash runners took off from Swansea Castle taking in the last 1k of the half marathon route, crossing the official finish line on Oxford street before cheering the main field of runners of the big race.

Results (provisional) – JCP Swansea Half Marathon 2017


  1. Dewi Griffiths (Swansea Harriers), 01:04:48
  2. Michael Clohisey (Raheny AC), 01:05:33
  3. Sean Hehir (Rathfarnham WFAFAC), 01:06:36


  1. Claire Gibbons-McCarthy (Leevale AC), 01:14:34
  2. Rachel Felton (Run-Fast), 01:16:34
  3. Caryl Jones (Run-Fast), 01:17:52

Wheelchair winner:

Eddie Clampin; 02:18:59

Corporate winners:

JCP Solicitors: 5 fastest times between; 01:22:21 to 01:40:26.

The full results and race day photos are available on the website www.swanseahalfmarathon.co.uk.


Race Director David Martin-Jewell said: “We are thrilled with the turnout for this year’s JCP Swansea Half Marathon, which has proved to be our biggest and best event yet.  It was fantastic to see the streets of Swansea filled again with competitors and spectators of all ages, which created a fantastic atmosphere during the event. We would like to congratulate every single person who crossed the finish line for their phenomenal effort and achievement.


“Our sincere thanks go to all our sponsors and partners for their on going support throughout the year, it has been a pleasure to work alongside such prestigious companies to stage the JCP Swansea Half Marathon.  We are incredibly grateful to our crew of volunteers who ensured that the day went as smoothly as possible from the build up, to the finish, everyone did a fantastic job.  Our thanks also go to everyone who sponsored our runners to raise incredible sums for charity, to all those who came out today to cheer on the athletes, and of course to all the runners who chose to #RunSwansea.  It was an incredible day for our city.”

JCP Solicitors remains to be the title partner and founding sponsor of the Swansea Half Marathon and has confirmed their commitment to the race for the next two years. Other sponsors and partners of the 2017 race include; Matthews & Co chartered accountants, HMT Sancta Maria, Race Nation the race entry platform, and Home from Home self-catering holiday agency. Event delivery partners of the event include; Brecon Carreg as hydration partner, providing water for every runner along the route and global brand ASICS.

The date for the JCP Swansea Half Marathon has already been set for next year and will take place on Sunday 24th June 2018.  Early bird entry is now open, with standard entry frozen at £30 (+booking fee), or £28 (+booking fee) for affiliated runners until 31st August.  Entry from this date onwards will rise to £35 and £33 respectively.  To sign up or find full results and photos go to www.swanseahalfmarathon.co.uk You can also like the Facebook page www.facebook.com/SwanseaHalf and follow @Swansea_HM #RunSwansea #FromTheCityToTheSea on Twitter to stay up to date with all the latest news and updates.

JCP Swansea Half Marathon Preview – Everything You Need To Know

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As the biggest race of the Summer draws nearer, athletes and spectators alike begin to feel the excitement of the event that is to come.  With only 5 days to go until the JCP Swansea Half Marathon takes place this Sunday 25th June, the city will be welcoming visitors from all over the globe, with the races’ largest number of participants to date.

Exceeding the number of entrants of every previous race, a field of 8,000 runners are expected at the fourth edition of the JCP Swansea Half Marathon, making it Wales’ second largest long distance race. The event has recently been voted the UK’s Best Half Marathon at The Running Awards 2017, and is attracting runners to take part in this race like never before.

The JCP Swansea Half Marathon is favoured for being a flat, fast and scenic 13.1 mile course, which is equally suitable for first-time runners as it is for club runners, elites and wheelchair athletes. It attracts a strong elite field from Wales and beyond, drawing in athletes from as far as Argentina and Brazil.

webpage photo

Many runners lining up on the start line will also be raising money for charity, getting into the spirit by donning their best fancy dress, as well as an attempt by a group of runners to break a new World Record for the most type 1 diabetics to run a half marathon.  The race itself offers a fantastic platform for charity fundraising and with public places now sold out, anyone still wishing to enter can do so by running for one of the headline charities; Cancer Research UK, and Alzheimer’s Society.


The race has also attracted some famous faces in previous years with the likes of sports personalities; Shane Williams, Ryan Jones, Ian Gough and TV presenter (of the popular show Eggheads) CJ De Mooi, gracing the route.  CJ will be taking part again this year, as well as Torchwood and Broadchurch actress Eve Myles and Ultra marathon runner Lowri Morgan.  Organisers are also delighted to be joined by David Wyeth, the Chorlton runner that made national headlines with our every own Swansea Harrier Matt Rees at the widely televised Virgin money London Marathon.

Families will also be pleased to know that they can join in too at this year’s Family Fun Dash.  Enabling young runners and families to experience the thrilling atmosphere of a big sporting event in the city, the dash will take in the last 1K of the half marathon route.  Participants will be able to be get that finish line feeling as they reach the official finish on Oxford Street, before cheering on the athletes of the main event.  Starting at Swansea Castle at 9.30am, the dash will take place once the half marathon runners have passed the line.  The are limited spaces remaining for the Family Fun Dash and those wishing to take part can still enter via the website: www.swanseahalfmarathon.co.uk  Anyone interested MUST register before race day as no entries will be taken during the event.  Family Dash bibs will be collected at the event tent at the Race Village in Castle Square on race day.

Runners and spectators alike will be entertained during the race by Bands Across the Bay, an initiative that aims to showcase some of the best acts in South Wales at locations along the route. With everything from rock & roll, rhythm & blues to choirs and drumming groups, each and every one of them will be hoping to motivate the runners, giving them a boost as they tackle the 13.1 miles around the beautiful Swansea Bay.   A festival atmosphere and fantastic crowd support are expected, with bands on stage at Castle Square (supported by Swansea BID) as well as Welsh singing star Ros Evans & her choir delivering a heart-stirring performance at the start of the race. Ros will be singing with the all-female Mum’s the Word adult choir, before swapping microphone for running shoes as she takes on the half marathon herself.

Participating athletes will be keen to know that there will be a team of race pacers supporting runners for the third time at this year’s JCP Swansea Half Marathon.  Xempo Race Pacing will provide the team of pacers offering fantastic support, to help runners get their pacing spot on, enabling them to hit their target time on race day. The pacers will run the race in the following estimated times: 1.30, 1.40, 1.45, 1.50, 2.00 hours, 2.10, 2.15, 2.20 and 2.30 hours.  Runners simply need to look out for their pacer within their designated colour coded pen and try to stay with them throughout the race to ensure accurate timing.

The Race Village will be located in Castle Square which is open to athletes and spectators from 7.00am on race day, and will host staged performances, headline charities, information point, and the massage & podiatry tents. The baggage tent is at the revised location of the Museum Green with extra security measures in place.  Runners are being advised to avoid bringing a bag, but if they must, ALL bags must be clearly labelled and will be subject to inspection.  The race will start at 9.00am in the heart of the city centre at the junction of Union Street and Oxford Street. The route takes runners on fully closed roads past Swansea castle and along a magnificent six-mile stretch of Swansea Bay towards The Mumbles, with its iconic pier and lighthouse. The wheelchair race will start at 8.50am prior to the main field of runners and the Family Fun Dash will commence at 9.30am.

Key race day timings:

  • 07:00: Race Village openSwansea Half Marathon, 26th June 2016. © Dirty Green Trainers - Carisbrook Lawrenny Rd. Cresselly, Pembrokeshire. Wales. SA68 0SY- Tel: +44 (0) 1646 651 750 - Mobile 07974072217 - ross@dirtygreentrainers.com - www.dirtygreentrainers.com
  • 07:00: Baggage tent open at Museum Green
  • 08:30: Runners enter start funnels [Wave 1: Oxford Street / Wave 2: Whitewalls]
  • 08:50: Wheelchair athlete race begins on Oxford Street
  • 09:00: Elite race and Wave 1 start
  • 09:15: Wave 2 starts
  • 09:30: Family Fun Dash starts at Swansea Castle
  • 10:05: Winner of JCP Swansea Half Marathon expected
  • 11:00: Winners presentation
  • 14:00: All roads re-open
  • 15:00: Event closes


The race day guide features all the need to know information about the event, including safety notes, how to get into the city, road closures, and route map.  Anyone wishing to know more can download their copy via the website: http://www.swanseahalfmarathon.co.uk/file/2017/06/SHM_2017_RDG_Lo.pdf

The JCP Swansea Half Marathon is a fully closed road event, and as a result there will be road closures for the duration of the event so residents and visitors are advised to plan their trip well in advance. Park and Ride will be in operation near the Liberty Stadium, commencing at 7.00am and running every 10-15 minutes all day.  For further details on road closures across the city please check the website www.swanseahalfmarathon.co.uk

Winners of the 2016 JCP Swansea Half Marathon include: European Champion & Swansea Harrier; Dewi Griffiths who took first place in the time of 65:39, and Run Fast Hannah Walker who coasted her way to victory in a time of 74:32.  Organisers hope to see both Dewi and Hannah back to defend their titles.  Some fantastic elite athletes have confirmed they will be competing including:  Swansea’s Josh Griffiths for the men and Rachel Felton for the ladies.

The team behind the JCP Swansea Half Marathon continues to work with their founding sponsor JCP Solicitors and long-term partners that include; Matthews & Co, HMT Sancta Maria, as well as their newest sponsors’; Race Nation (the integrated event registration platform), and Home From Home (the self-catering accommodation agency).  The event delivery partners’ remains to include the global sports brand ASICS and event hydration partner Brecon Carreg, who will help runners maintain their hydration levels at stations along the route.

Entries for the headline charities are open until race weekend so if you would like to run for Cancer Research UK or Alzheimer’s Society go to: http://www.swanseahalfmarathon.co.uk/charities/
For further event details or to follow your loved one on the live results to see how they are doing out on the course you can via Race Tracking online here: www.swanseahalfmarathon.co.uk   To stay ahead of all the news as it happens like the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/SwanseaHalf or follow @Swansea_HM #RunSwansea #FromTheCityToTheSea on Twitter.


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Runners and spectator safety and enjoyment of the JCP Swansea Half Marathon is paramount to us at Front Runner Events and as such we’d like to advise you that there will be an increased search regime in place, so please arrive well in advance of the start of the race.  Here are few key pointers to help you be prepared for race day…

  1. Arrive early at your chosen car park (including park n ride) and at the start zone.
  2. Be aware that the bag tent has moved to Museum Green – arrive early to avoid queues.
  3. Bag Checking procedure:
  • All bags must be open ready for inspection – security will check inside bags.
  • Any suspicious items detected, will be immediately reported to the police.
  • All bags must carry the official SHM bag label, NO label means NO bag will be accepted.
  1. Listen to the advice of the marshals and event management team for any last minute changes that may occur.
  2. Complete the medical information on the rear of your bib.
  3. If you have a medical condition, please mark a RED X on the front of your race bib.


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The Swansea Half Marathon is to be held on Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th June 2017 and will require temporary road closures and traffic restrictions to accommodate the event.

Would you therefore please commence the statutory procedures under Section 16(a) of the  Road Traffic Regulation Act 1994 – Special Events Closure, to introduce the following restrictions:

Schedule 1 : Road Closures –  Saturday 19-00hrs to Sunday 19-00hrs

Oxford Street: – from junction of Dillwyn Street to Castle Square.

Whitewalls: – from its junction with Princess Way to rear of Primark.

Union Street: – from its junction with Nelson Street to Park Street.

Nelson Street: – it’s entire length.


Schedule 2 : Road Closures –  Sunday  05-00hrs to 14:00hrs

Whitewalls :- it’s entire length

St Marys Square: – from its junction with Whitewalls to Princess Way.

Park Street: – its entire length.

Portland Street: – its entire length.

Plymouth Street: – its entire length.

Singleton Street: – its entire length.

Wind Street: – its entire length.

Castle Street: – its entire length.

Castle Bailey Street: – it’s entire length.

Castle Square: – its entire length.

Caer Street: – its entire length.


Schedule 3 : Road Closures –  Sunday  06-00hrs to 14:00hrs

Princess Way: – its entire length.

St Marys Street: – its entire length.

St Marys Square: – to its junction with Princess Way.

St Davids Place: – its entire length.

York Street: – its entire length.

Salubrious Place: – its entire length.

Little Wind Street: – its entire length.


Schedule 4 : Road Closures –  Sunday  08-00hrs to 14:00hrs

College Street & Welcome Lane: – its entire length westbound only.

A4067 Oystermouth Road:from its junction with West Way to Alberts Row.

A4067 Quay Parade:from Sainsbury’s Store to Wind Street.

A4067 Victoria Road:its entire length.


Schedule 5 : Road Closures –  Sunday  08-30hrs to 14:00hrs

Somerset Place: – its entire length, right turn only.

Wellington Street:its entire length (access to Quadrant Car Park and Tesco Marina via Stop & Go boards)

Kingsway Metro:its entire length.

Dillwyn Street Metro:its entire length.

Picton Lane:its entire length.


Schedule 6 : Road Closures –  Sunday as below

A4067 Oystermouth Road 08-00 to 10:50:West Way to Guildhall Road South.

A4067 Mumbles Road 08-00 to 11:15:Westbound Guildhall Road South to Knab Rock.


Schedule 7: No Right Turn 08-00hrs to 14:00hrs

Mayals Road onto A4067 Mumbles Road.
Llwynderw Drive onto A4067 Mumbles Road.

Lilliput Lane onto A4067 Mumbles Road.
Army Reserve Centre onto A4067 Mumbles Road.
Fairwood Road onto A4067 Mumbles Road.
Alderwood Drive onto Mumbles Road.
Bethany Lane onto Mumbles Road.
Palmyra Court onto Mumbles Road.
Norton Ave onto Mumbles Road.
Norton Rd onto Mumbles Road.
Newton Rd onto Mumbles Road.
Dunns Lane onto Mumbles Road.
Church Park Lane onto Mumbles Road.
Myrtle Terrace onto Mumbles Road.
Village Lane onto Mumbles Road.
George Bank onto Mumbles Road.


Schedule 8: Varying Restrictions 08-45hrs to 14:00hrs

Dunvant Place onto A4067 Oystermouth Road – no left turn, no right turn..
Guildhall Road South onto A4067 Mumbles Road – no right turn.
Brynmill Lane onto A4067 Mumbles Road – no right turn.
Sketty Lane onto A4067 Mumbles Road – no right turn/no U-turn.
Ashleigh Road onto  A4067 Mumbles Road – no right turn.
Derwen Fawr Road onto A4067 Mumbles Rd – no right turn.
Mill Lane onto A4067 Mumbles Road – no right turn.
Unnamed Rd (The Woodman Public House) onto A4067 Mumbles Road – no right turn.


Schedule 9: No Parking Restrictions (Tow Away Zone)  – Saturday 18-00hrs to Sunday 15-00hrs

Castle Bailey St

Castle St

Wind St

Caer St

Princess Way


Oxford St (from Whitewalls to junction with Dillwyn St)

Union St

Nelson St

Somerset Place

Ferry Side

Access for emergency vehicles will be maintained at all times

Charity Champion tells us why he’s Running Swansea for Cancer Research UK

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We talk to charity champ Andy to find out why he has vowed to raise as much as he can for the charity that remains close to his heart.  Andy, a keen cyclist only started his journey back to running just 12 months ago, and having never completed a half marathon before, this is a big challenge for him but one he is really looking forward to.

As soon as Andy discovered that Cancer Research UK was a headline charity partner at this years’ JCP Swansea Half Marathon he decided he had to be a part of it.  In just 3 weeks time, Andy will be joining the 6,000 plus strong field of runners on the 13.1 mile course, which takes place in Swansea on the 25th June.

In September 2014 Andy’s family was turned upside down when his mum was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. She received chemotherapy, but sadly passed away in April 2015. Even after the diagnosis of cancer, she remained a very brave woman who tried so hard to beat the disease. She stayed upbeat, resilient and will always be an inspiration to all her family and friends.

Andy said:

      “In my family, it was not just my mum who had to face cancer. I have lost a number of other family members to the disease, including my auntie, grandmother, two uncles, mother-in-law, and brother-in law. My sister and her husband were also diagnosed with cancer but have survived, following treatment. I turned 50 this year and wanted to mark the milestone by completing the JCP Swansea Half Marathon, in memory and in honour of my family and everyone affected by cancer.”

Andy’s aim was to raise £300 initially, but after the overwhelming support he has received, he is hoping to far exceed this figure by race day.  Fundraising plays a tremendous part in the JCP Swansea Half Marathon and its estimated that over £1 million has been raised for good causes since the race began.  This year is set to be a record-breaking year for charity fundraising and what’s more you can be a part of it too.  You can help be part of the cheering team at Cancer Research on race day, get your own place to run for CRUK or simply donate to Andy’s Just Giving page: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Andrew-Reed2017

Andy added:

“It will also be two years since my mum passed away – she was a popular, fun loving woman who tried to live life to the full and had faced many adversities along the way. She suffered from terrible arthritis and other ailments but soldiered on.  So many family members and too many friends have been touched by this disease, I felt it was only fitting that I complete the run for them. Cancer Research UK is a hugely worthy cause, without which my surviving family members may have had a slimmer chance of beating their cancer.” 

If you would like to become a CHARITY CHAMPION and join the likes of Andy to run for Cancer Research UK you can register at:  http://www.swanseahalfmarathon.co.uk/cancer-research-uk/

The JCP Swansea Half Marathon is a road race that is flat, fast on a course that is perfect for beginners, and first time half marathon runners.  Race entry is now closed, however charity places for Cancer Research UK and Alzheimer’s Society will remain open up until the weekend of the event.

The race has recently been recognised as being the “Best Half Marathon” in the UK and runners can expect a fully marshaled course on closed roads, bespoke medal, technical t-shirt, on route entertainment, and goody bag for all finishers.

Go to www.swanseahalfmarathon.co.uk for further race details, like the Facebook page www.facebook.com/SwanseaHalf and follow @Swansea_HM #RunSwansea #FromTheCityToTheSea on Twitter and @swanseahalfmarathon on Instagram to keep up to date with all the latest news about the JCP Swansea Half Marathon.

World Record Attempt with a difference at the JCP Swansea Half Marathon

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A team of runners will be making an attempt to break the Guinness World Record at this year’s JCP Swansea Half Marathon.  But it’s not to achieve the fastest record dressed as a fruit as previously attempted in 2015 by Gareth Jones.  This year, the attempt is led by Essex-born Paul Coker, a type 1 diabetic who will be attempting to break the World record for the greatest number diabetics to run a half marathon.

Paul discovered running in 2013 as he trained for a record breaking summit of Kilimanjaro and has since been on a mission.  Paul will be celebrating living with his condition for 40 years this year and is spearheading the campaign to run 40 half marathons in 15 months.  His challenge is in memory of Peter Baldwin, a 13-year old boy from Cardiff, Wales who died from undiagnosed type 1 diabetes after being misdiagnosed with a chest infection.

Paul said:paulcoker2 (1)

“I believe that having a positive attitude toward diabetes combined with the right nutrition and regular exercise have helped me manage my condition.  The story of Peter deeply saddens me and my heart goes out to his family who will miss their son everyday.  There are people who are living with diabetes without even realising it but knowing the signs are very important.  I think that if this campaign can save just one life, my efforts at running 40 half marathons will be worthwhile.” 

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease, which targets and destroys insulin producing cells in the pancreas.  Insulin is a hormone, which allows glucose from the blood to enter tissues. When tissues absorb glucose with the help of insulin, they are able to use that glucose to produce energy.

People that live with type 1 diabetes must inject insulin multiple times per day in order to keep blood glucose in the normal range.  There are a number of signs for diagnosing diabetes, which are key to a quick response before complications begin.  These are essential, (and may not all be present to be diagnosed) especially if you had a young child or baby, as diabetes can affect all ages:

  1. Excessive or extreme thirst
  2. Frequent need to use the toilet
  3. Low energy – feeling withdrawn
  4. Weight loss

David Martin-Jewell, director of Front Runner Events said:

“My wife and I have a son who is type 1 diabetic and know the challenges he faces on daily basis.  What Paul is doing is inspiring to others particularly to those who suffer with this condition.  He is demonstrating with his will and determination that anything is possible and that diabetes shouldn’t be barrier to living an active healthy life.

We really hope that Paul achieves this World record attempt, being the first of this kind to have ever happened it will a fantastic outcome and testament to the memory of Peter.”

The JCP Swansea Half Marathon is a road race that is flat, fast on a course that is perfect for beginners, and first time half marathon runners.  Race entry has now closed, however any T1 entrants who have already registered can join Paul in his attempt by being part of the team, just contact him by email paul.coker@positiveplans.co.uk and you too can be part of this World Record breaking attempt.

Go to www.swanseahalfmarathon.co.uk for further race details and to sign up, like the Facebook page www.facebook.com/SwanseaHalf and follow @Swansea_HM #RunSwansea #FromTheCityToTheSea on Twitter and @swanseahalfmarathon on Instagram to keep up to date with all the latest news about the JCP Swansea Half Marathon.